From the barren volcanic landscape of Lanzarote, a descent of only a few metres into the crystal blue ocean brings a staggering change of ecosystem, to one of an extremely rich fusion of marine fauna, fishes and mammals. The coast around the island teems with life, abundant tropical and temperate fishes, rays, pelagic predators like tuna, angel sharks, hard and soft corals, sea stars, anemones: from the smallest seahorse to the largest whales are waiting to be discovered in these waters.


Lanzarote dive facts

 - „Home of Europe´s largest marine park.

„- 365 days a year of diving.

„- Water temperature 18-23 degrees.

„- All year sun.

„- Sheltered coastal waters in prevailing winds (Puerto Calero).

„- Deep ocean drops.


Diveyouway, based at the Puerto Calero Marina and  are you consummate professionals for exploration below the waves. A small team of highly experienced dive instructors wait to guide and teach you to a new love for the underwater realm, either as a complete novice making your first dive, through the PADI course system up till professional level, or with technical dive instruction. The Diveyourway team make your exploration of the underwaterworld safe, enjoyable and rewarding with our professionalism, knowledge and attention to service which is second to none.


Join our daily boat dives from Puerto Calero marina to the divesites of the beaten track, search for sea horses to frog fish, angel sharks, eagle rays or watch the high speed action of bonito´s shooting from the blue to feed on the sardine schools. For the luck few sightings of manta rays, whales, blue sharks and sunfish have been seen at sites 10 minutes from the Marina.


Diveyourway maintains not only a premier dive team, but provides top quality rental equipment, a fully stock dive shop at the Galleria Nautica, with underwater camera and goPro HD camera´s for rent. Diveyourway is also unique in the Canary Island´s as the sole agent for the unique “Seabob”, a water propulsion vehicle able to reach 20KMPH, and is available for diving, snorkeling or just for fun.


Diveyourway facts

- „3 daily boat dives from Puerto Calero Marina.

„- Experienced, professional multilingual dive instructors.

„- Small dive group (experienced divers 6:1, courses 2:1).

„- Full  range of recreational diving courses.

„- Technical diving instruction GUE and  TDI 

„- Top of the range dive rental equipment including camera´s and

  goPro HD.

„- Fully equipped dive shop.

„- One and only supplier of the SEABOB.

„- The focus is you – attitude for high customer service level.


 Puerto Calero, well established as a high quality tourist destination, houses one of the most prestigious and modern marinas in Europe; an incomparable place to relax and enjoy your leisure time, appreciating art and culture in the Puerto Calero Art Gallery and Canarian Cetacean Museum, or simply savouring the varied gastronomy from a wide range of specialist restaurants.

We are looking forward to meeting you!